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Online-Advertisements-Frauds:- A-New-Trick-of-Money-Launderer

According to estimated data, 5 percent of the global GDP gets laundered worldwide.  Now the launderers are not only looking for the liquid, as they are also dealing with the online money and plastic money also. They have advanced techniques of internet marketing ads, using which the business fraudulent like Mr Ilan Tzorya are tricking the investors and other audience as well. If you don’t believe then you can look at the information given below, that might help you to open your closed eyes about online advertisement fraud.

People suffering from the frauds done by the Mr. Ilan Tzorya
People suffering from the frauds done by the Mr. Ilan Tzorya


Click jacking

You might not know that you would click on an unknown link to do the transaction which you don’t even know about. While the best way to avoid such a problem is to never login your online banking or online credit details on your system. While many people don’t log out their online banking, which is why they fall for the click jacking trickery and lose their money.

How ad network can be used for money laundering?

There are many fake websites available online, as phishers use such websites as their platform for tricking others. They use faulty methods to generate web traffic on their sites. Now, most of the companies are using advertising platform to generate more traffic on their sites to get more revenues. As there are fraudsters who also use to create ads in which customer is redirected into other websites to do the transactions.

While a customer might be thinking that they are paying for the product which they want. But in reality, they are paying for some other stuff. To avoid such kind of trickery with yourself, you should learn about all the product deals and the information of site before doing a transaction on the site.

How to protect yourself from online fraud?

Through bots and some other link building methods, some companies are trying to get more traffic on their sites. While they use black hat tricks to gain more customers and they didn’t fulfill the qualities which they mention on their site. If you would face a similar site, then it is better to cancel the transaction and use a quality site for your purchase.

Compliance: Regulators, Audits and Accountability

There are still no bookish laws for controlling the problem of click jacking and other online ads fraud. However, there are many cyber-crime control actions which have been taken by the government of various nations to overcome such problems. Nowadays most of the reliable websites, have more transparency which makes them different compared to other fraudulent sites. While you should only invest in the reliable and trustworthy websites only.


We do a lot of transaction on a day to day life for shopping, transferring money to friends and for so many other reasons. But nowadays due to the increase in cybercrimes, it is very important to do online transactions more carefully and keep your personal information safe. Therefore to help you with your safety we are providing you the top ways which you can consider to keep your money safe online.

Check the app security

Ilan Tzorya
Ilan Tzorya

Do not forget to check the security protocols whenever you download any app related to the financial management or shopping because these applications often require your account details. There are so many cyber criminals like Ilan Tzorya and fraud companies out there who take advantage of the unawareness of the people and empty their bank accounts. Therefore if you want to keep yourself safe from such crimes then read the terms and conditions of the app properly which you are downloading and if you have any doubt regarding the safety issues then it’s better to look for other application.

Avoid doubtful sites

There are tons of online shopping websites on the internet and therefore you must check the authenticity of the website first before moving ahead. Do not trust a website which shows you several pop-ups because mostly those sites are not legitimate and check whether you are familiar with the payment options which are available on that particular website. If you have not gone through this aspect and still want to make a purchase then use a credit card instead of a debit card because credit card companies have high fraud protections. Whereas when you use a debit card and if a thief gains access to it by chance then he could steal all your savings.

Avoid clicking on hyperlinks in emails

Phishing is the most common trick which scammers use these days to cheat people. They send emails to the people and ask them to click on the hyperlinks or to open the attachments and then enter the confidential information like bank account details. You should always ignore these types of emails that make such requests. Also, remember that such emails usually look like it is sent from a legitimate source. So be clever and avoid doing such things.

Hence, with the increase in cybercrimes you also need to be extra careful with everything you do on the internet and by keeping the above suggestions in your mind you can absolutely assure your safety.