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Google does indexing of websites according to different ranking factors. There are more than 200 ranking factors present as per the Brian Dean’s list released in 2013. But as we know Google works on algorithms that keep on changing every single day. That is why we cannot predict all the ranking factors every day. But keeping certain factors in the center we can rank-up in the Google search results. This article is all about the top four important factors that cannot be changed and somehow affects the ranking of your website on Google. Here they are-


This is the most important ranking factor of Google. Websites with good and unique content can only make their place in the top listing of the Google. Most of the people try to copy the content of other websites. But completely copied content gets detected easily by the Google and not at all get to rank up. However, if you consist a skill of rewriting the contents in a fresh light then it is not get noticed by Google. You have to make sure that your site does not consist copied content. Content plays a crucial role in getting more traffic of people on your website.


Google. However, now the time gets changed. Google now only counts and prefer the backlinks that are taken from authentic and diverse domains. Because on the name of backlinks people start taking the links of the sites that are not at all authentic and appropriate. Google is mastered in weeding out the bad links for the good results. The presence of an authentic and good number of backlinks boost-up the ranking of your site. For seeing your site rank on Google you can make use of Google rank tracker.

website -position- checker
website position checker

Keyword stuffing

Stuffing of appropriate keywords in the website content plays an incredible role for its high ranking on Google. Search engine optimization professionals do research for the keywords that people mostly use looking for the most relevant result. Once professionals find out the niche keyword. They try to expand and find out similar keywords with the help of few tools. It is a basic rule of keyword stuffing that it cannot be used more than twice on your site content. Otherwise, Google can block and spam your site.

These are the top three most important ranking factors of Google. If your website is designed best according to the three above factors then it definitely gets ranked up high on the Google.