August 17, 2019
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The Internet has become an irreplaceable part of our life. Because of the Internet technology, it became quite easier to exchange knowledge. While nowadays it can also be used to sell or purchase goods from the e-Market. But with all the benefits of the Internet, there are some issues as well. As there is not a shortage of people, those who use the Internet in a wrong way to financially cheat others also.

What is Cyber-extortion?

Many people receives threat messages on their emails, while they demand money for solving your problem. In most of the case, they only try to trick people and demand an extortion amount. Usually, scammers hack the system of the victim to track the data, which they use for extortion purpose. Most of the cyber scammers like Mr ilan tzorya use cryptocurrency for extortion purpose while it is not a legal currency, it will not be easier for the law to discipline such practices.

How do they get results?

Scammers/Extortionists try to make their threat realistic and harmful for the victim. They can say things like,” If you will not pay, I will ruin your life”. They use the personal data of the victim to blackmail them. While it is not necessary for them to have the real data, as they try just to pretend that they have the real data about the victim for blackmailing.

What you should do?

If you have ever faced such threats, then you need to calm down first. As the main purpose of the scammers was to not give enough time for thinking to the victim. But in the real case situation, it is not easy to hack the personal data someone’s personal device. In most of the case, scammer bluff about the things. In some case, a victim has nothing to lose as they do not have anything important or potentially bad which can ruin his life.

In such situations, a victim needs to think carefully and contact the cops to take action against the extortionist or criminal.

How to avoid being a victim?

You can also take some safety measure so that it will not impossible for the scammers to hack your personal data.

  • You should use a good antivirus program and use firewall protection when you are using the Internet.
  • Do not blindly open the links without reading the content.
  • When you are not using a webcam, you should close it with cover.
  • Do not save things which can be embarrassing in your computer.
  • You should delete the history after using your computer.

By following the certain ways, you can be able to protect yourself from the cyber-extortions.