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The Internet has become an irreplaceable part of our life. Because of the Internet technology, it became quite easier to exchange knowledge. While nowadays it can also be used to sell or purchase goods from the e-Market. But with all the benefits of the Internet, there are some issues as well. As there is not a shortage of people, those who use the Internet in a wrong way to financially cheat others also.

What is Cyber-extortion?

Many people receives threat messages on their emails, while they demand money for solving your problem. In most of the case, they only try to trick people and demand an extortion amount. Usually, scammers hack the system of the victim to track the data, which they use for extortion purpose. Most of the cyber scammers like Mr ilan tzorya use cryptocurrency for extortion purpose while it is not a legal currency, it will not be easier for the law to discipline such practices.

How do they get results?

Scammers/Extortionists try to make their threat realistic and harmful for the victim. They can say things like,” If you will not pay, I will ruin your life”. They use the personal data of the victim to blackmail them. While it is not necessary for them to have the real data, as they try just to pretend that they have the real data about the victim for blackmailing.

What you should do?

If you have ever faced such threats, then you need to calm down first. As the main purpose of the scammers was to not give enough time for thinking to the victim. But in the real case situation, it is not easy to hack the personal data someone’s personal device. In most of the case, scammer bluff about the things. In some case, a victim has nothing to lose as they do not have anything important or potentially bad which can ruin his life.

In such situations, a victim needs to think carefully and contact the cops to take action against the extortionist or criminal.

How to avoid being a victim?

You can also take some safety measure so that it will not impossible for the scammers to hack your personal data.

  • You should use a good antivirus program and use firewall protection when you are using the Internet.
  • Do not blindly open the links without reading the content.
  • When you are not using a webcam, you should close it with cover.
  • Do not save things which can be embarrassing in your computer.
  • You should delete the history after using your computer.

By following the certain ways, you can be able to protect yourself from the cyber-extortions.

How You Can Download Movies Easily?

Downloading a movie is tough for many of us because most of us don’t know, how to download movies easily? Downloading a movie is not a rocket science, by putting a little effort and knowing legit sources you can easily download them. To understand the proper process just read the following information and download movies.

Important things to do

Before proceeding to downloads you need to do few of the things which will help you browse the internet safely. If you are a regular internet surfer than you can understand that cookies can track you and many of the sites use cookies. So to maintain safety and improve browsing performance do the following things.

  • Check Internet speed

To download a movie faster you should have a good internet speed. Without a good internet speed, it would be hard for you to download it so check your internet connection.

  • Use incognito mode

To block the unwanted cookies you can use the incognito mode which is present in almost every kind of browser. Incognito mode helps you to maintain your privacy.

  • Try VPN

The virtual private network (VPN) is the best tool which you can use to safe search the internet. It can help you to access every site easily.

Two Proper ways to download

  1. Download movies from free sites

These days you can find tons of sites that provide free access to visitors to watch the movies. These sites have all the genres which you can consider like Drama, Thriller, Horror, Romantic, Musical, Mystery etc. All these genres have a good collection of movies, you can easily find the movies you would love to watch.

Finding a good site is really easy just look for these simple things.

  • Sites that have all the genres, so look for the sites like 123movies that are user friendly and have all the genres.
  • Sites that don’t need registration.
  • Sites that work properly in every region.
  1. Use paid Sites

This is one of the common methods which you will find these days, just sign up for the sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. These kinds of sites have all the movies which you would love to watch. Just register for the site and get a subscription for monthly, quarterly or yearly use.

These are some of the best ways which you can use, so consider any of the ways mentioned above and enjoy downloading or watching your favorite movies anytime and anywhere. Thank you.


The moment someone starts deciding a gift for their loved ones, a lot of ideas explored in their mind leaving them confused to make the best selection among them. If you’re looking for a unique, personalized birthday or holiday presents then printed gifts might be considered as a best available option that comes with a great affordability. Dealing with companies providing Cheap Postcards EDDM, You can get all kinds of printing services at one place including unique gifts prints. Some of the relevant printing gift ideas have been specified below to narrow down your choices hence selecting the best.

Themed printed mug

The coffee mug is a gift item which is a great value for our money. A personalized photo mug with lovely quotes is a unique way of deciding a gift for every occasion. With all the nine themes and several color palettes, people can get utilize them in their own way and make sure themselves that their gift would be emphasizing on the receiver.

Personalized Trophies

You can show someone what they mean in your life by presenting them customized trophies. With the help of modeling software, people can design their own trophies with desired texts and patterns but would be suitable handling over the responsibility to a trusted printing company. This gift idea is suitable for motivating anyone on their achievements or expressing emotions on auspicious days like father’s day.

Retro Prints

The collection of square retro prints is one of the best ways of showcasing the best moments through a way of personalized gifts. These gifts are mostly preferred by people who want to make someone remember the best moments they had together on trips or vacation. The best printing company has the capability to bring down your thoughts on the frames in an astonishing way.

Photo books

A4 Photo books are definitely a surprising gift idea among various personalized gift options. There are tons of different colors, layout, patterns, and designs to make someone feel special and providing them a photo book. It can be suitable for almost every occasion and people can elaborate a lot of things due to the addition of further more pages. Photos can also be printed on t-shirts using the fine printing methods relevant nowadays.


All the suggested gift ideas are just a glimpse of ideas out there still there are tons of printing gifts are relevant among the people. You can check out their variables over the internet with ease.

Things- You -Should- Know -Before- Vaping

Vaping is the procedure which includes inward breathing of e-juices by the electronic cigarette or vaporizer. The vapor generally made from the materials like e-fluid or dry herb. It is intended to be the best option for the conventional smoking procedure. Vaping involves lots of benefits over smoking as said by various doctors. But there are some things that you have to keep in mind while doing vaping. This article is all about the dos and don’ts of vaping. Let’s take a look!

The Dos

Question yourself for what reason are you vaping

It is vital to know the motivation behind why are you vaping. Most of the people really vape because they are trying their best to stop smoking. Vaping can assist you with choosing the best e-juice or vape juice among lots of quantities of accessible alternatives which is not a matter of choice in smoking.

vape- juice
vape juice
Only purchase from the trustworthy organization

The fundamental reason behind people vaping abundance is that since they pick cheapest brands that not offer anything according to their desires. That is the reason it is essential to pick the best brand vaping kits. So that your vaping turns into the most tasteful and the paramount one.

Take care of others around you while vaping

As we aware that vaping is somehow the same as smoking expect a few contrasts like it utilizes vapors. However, the general population around you may not realize that so it is vital to regard the space of others around you. It is smarter to vape in the zone where smoking is permitted. You need to do vaping far from the swarmed zone so it doesn’t make any problem for other people.

The Don’ts

Don’t utilize old and harmed batteries

It is extremely evident that in any electronic gadget we like to utilize a decent quality battery. So that totally the case with the electronic cigarette. You need to ensure that the battery you are utilizing in the vaporizer must of good quality and in the best condition.

Vape Juice

Keep vaporizer far from water contact

This is basically similar in all the electronic gadgets. You need to keep your dearest vaping gadget far from water unless it can totally pulverize your vaporizer mod and wallet.

These are few points which you should think about vaping before getting into it. Choosing vaping over smoking is totally up to you. However, ensure that you utilize vaping pack of exclusive brand and quality.


Google does indexing of websites according to different ranking factors. There are more than 200 ranking factors present as per the Brian Dean’s list released in 2013. But as we know Google works on algorithms that keep on changing every single day. That is why we cannot predict all the ranking factors every day. But keeping certain factors in the center we can rank-up in the Google search results. This article is all about the top four important factors that cannot be changed and somehow affects the ranking of your website on Google. Here they are-


This is the most important ranking factor of Google. Websites with good and unique content can only make their place in the top listing of the Google. Most of the people try to copy the content of other websites. But completely copied content gets detected easily by the Google and not at all get to rank up. However, if you consist a skill of rewriting the contents in a fresh light then it is not get noticed by Google. You have to make sure that your site does not consist copied content. Content plays a crucial role in getting more traffic of people on your website.


Google. However, now the time gets changed. Google now only counts and prefer the backlinks that are taken from authentic and diverse domains. Because on the name of backlinks people start taking the links of the sites that are not at all authentic and appropriate. Google is mastered in weeding out the bad links for the good results. The presence of an authentic and good number of backlinks boost-up the ranking of your site. For seeing your site rank on Google you can make use of Google rank tracker.

website -position- checker
website position checker

Keyword stuffing

Stuffing of appropriate keywords in the website content plays an incredible role for its high ranking on Google. Search engine optimization professionals do research for the keywords that people mostly use looking for the most relevant result. Once professionals find out the niche keyword. They try to expand and find out similar keywords with the help of few tools. It is a basic rule of keyword stuffing that it cannot be used more than twice on your site content. Otherwise, Google can block and spam your site.

These are the top three most important ranking factors of Google. If your website is designed best according to the three above factors then it definitely gets ranked up high on the Google.


The GMTO Corporation (GMTO) has declared the beginning of hard shake uncovering for the Giant Magellan Telescope’s (GMT) enormous solid dock and the establishments for walled in area on its site at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.

The work will be performed by Minería y Montajes Conpax (known as Conpax), a development administrations organization that has beforehand performed site work for different observatories in Chile. Utilizing a mix of water powered penetrating and pounding, the exhuming work is relied upon to take five months to finish. Uncovering is a key advance towards the development of the GMT, which is relied upon to be operational by 2024.

The 25-meter (82 ft) measurement GMT – anticipated that would have a last weight of 1,600 metric tons – will contain seven 8.4-meter (28 ft) mirrors upheld by a steel telescope structure situated on the solid wharf. It will be housed inside a pivoting nook estimating 65 meters (213 ft) tall and 56 meters (184 ft) in width. Conpax will, likewise, exhume a break in the summit shake for the lower bit of the mirror covering chamber and establishments for an utility building and passage on the summit.

“With the beginning of development of the changeless structures on the site, the GMT is indicating substantial advancement towards consummation,” said Dr. James Fanson, GMTO Project Manager. “We are pleased that Conpax is completing this imperative work. Altogether, we hope to expel 5,000 cubic meters or 13,300 tons of shake from the mountain and will require 330 dump truck burdens to expel it from the summit.”

Las Campanas Observatory, situated in the southern Atacama Desert of Chile and possessed by the Carnegie Institution for Science, is one of the world’s head cosmic locales, known for its unmistakable, dull skies and stable wind stream, delivering astoundingly sharp pictures. With its special outline, the GMT will deliver pictures that are 10 times more honed than those from the Hubble Space Telescope in the infrared area of the range and will be utilized by cosmologists to contemplate planets around different stars and to think back to the time when the principal systems framed. It will highlight an aggregate light-social affair zone of 368 m sq (3,960 sq ft) – 15 times more prominent than the more established, neighboring Magellan telescopes.


SpaceX has affirmed that it will convey a paying traveler on an outing around the Moon, utilizing its arranged “Enormous Falcon Rocket” (BFR) by 2023.

On the off chance that all works out as expected, Japanese very rich person and form magnate Yusaku Maezawa, 42, will turn into the main business lunar visitor. Just 24 people have ever been to the Moon, 12 of whom strolled on its surface. The latter was about 46 years back in December 1972. Maezawa will take six to eight visitors with him as a feature of a workmanship venture called #dearMoon.

SpaceX’s cutting edge dispatch vehicle – the BFR – will be the most intense ever, ready to convey people to the Moon, Mars, and past. The main suborbital practice runs are anticipated one year from now. It will at last supplant the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets, with a tremendous payload limit of 150 tons to low-Earth circle (more than NASA’s Saturn V).

Maezawa’s voyage in 2023, enduring roughly multi week, will come as close as 125 miles to the Moon’s surface before finishing lunar travel and returning back to Earth. “I go to the Moon!” he said in a declaration at SpaceX’s home office in Hawthorne, California, on Tuesday.

The organization said the flight spoke to “a vital advance toward empowering access for regular individuals who long for venturing out to space.”

As indicated by SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk: “[The] Moon mission will be livestreamed in high def VR, so it’ll feel like you’re there continuously less a couple of moments for speed of light.”


After over and over missing willful due dates for advance on its remote charging-at-a-separate telephone case, uBeam’s CEO Meredith Perry has chosen to move out of the CEO position and into a board part and senior counsel job. She’d established the organization in 2011 from her apartment and got over $40 million in subsidizing by offering an extensive variety of tip top speculators on her vision for a cordless future, including Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, CrunchFund (exposure: begun by TechCrunch’s author), Marissa Mayer and Mark Cuban.

Presently instead of attempting to manufacture its own buyer items like remote power transmitters and recipients that could charge your telephone from over the room utilizing ultrasound frequencies, uBeam is rotating to permitting its innovation for use in other organizations’ items.

“Meredith settled on the choice to venture down as CEO. She needed the organization to enlist a CEO who had involvement in supervising the rollout of a b2b hardware item,” tweeted one of the startup’s lead financial specialists, Mark Suster of Upfront Capital. Axios’ Dan Primack detailed the news before today. TechCrunch addressed Perry yet she declined to remark on the record.

For the break, uBeam’s head of HR and back Jacqueline McCauley, who participated in 2016, will lead the organization. In a blog entry today, she reported that “Meredith felt the time had come to expedite a prepared official in the gadgets field to lead the organization through its commercialization stage. The organization has started a look for this new CEO.”

uBeam had wowed financial specialists and AllThingsD meeting participants in 2011 with a demo demonstrating it could convey at any rate some control over a separation of a couple of feet. A source at one point said uBeam was holding chats with top retail and feasting chains, and suggested one of the world’s best telephone creators may expand on its innovation.

Be that as it may, the startup made enormous guarantees about open shows and the productivity of its innovation it couldn’t keep. In 2015 Perry had revealed to TechCrunch genuine open demos would be prepared the following year, which traveled every which way.

In 2016, things began to go to pieces. The startup’s previous VP of Engineering Paul Reynolds composed a progression of blog entries blaming uBeam’s innovation for not working, and noticed that “When I exited it was a monstrous flight, however was accounted for to the financial specialists as ‘the VP Engineering left for individual reasons’ — individual reasons being ‘tired of enduring this bologna.'” He likewise uncovered that uBeam’s unique CTO and new CFO had left the organization, and that Perry’s prime supporter Nora Dweck had sued her over an unjustifiable value split (and settled).

It wasn’t until 2017 that uBeam gave two restricted open exhibitions at the Upfront Ventures meeting and to USA Today. It demonstrated that an unreasonably extensive uBeam transmitter could convey enough control over the separation of four to 10 feet to make different telephones flag they were charging. In any case, the organization never opened itself up to more examination with respect to exactly how much power it was conveying, how quick a telephone would really charge and whether the tech could surmount viable issues like telephones moving or being hindered by garments.


Tucked away among the 70 or so declarations Amazon made at the present enormous Alexa occasion was one key shrouded nearness. Google’s contributions posed a potential threat over a significant part of the news streaming out from the enormous occasion.

It’s straightforward why, obviously. Colleague and Home have consistently been making up ground on Amazon in the course of the most recent few years. Actually, in the nick of time for the present occasion, an examination dropped taking note of that Google Home Mini was the top of the line brilliant speaker for Q2 of this current year, deposing Amazon’s well known Dot.

As one of the primary items divulged at the occasion, the recently revived Dot absolutely bore the sign of Google’s impact. Another, texture secured plan with enhanced sound guaranteed to put the minimal effort savvy speaker on better balance against the Home Mini. It’s the main huge equipment update for the item.

While Amazon likewise beat Google to the punch with the Echo Show, the invigorated form of the item additionally bears the characteristic of Google’s impact on the space. The first Show was plainly about capacity over shape. This year at CES, in any case, Google raised the stakes for the showcase empowered class with its outsider Smart Displays. While the new Show has likely been in progress for quite a while, it’s hard not to see the impact of items like Lenovo’s.

Amazon does, be that as it may, merit credit for not just swiping from Google. The organization is unmistakably keen on adopting its own strategy to the shrewd colleague classification. Instead of, say, presenting a Google Max/HomePod contender, the organization presented the components (Sub, Link, et al.) for building a home stereo framework, piece by piece. The Echo Auto, in the mean time, finds the organization offering a fitting and play arrangement intended to rival any semblance of Android Auto.

The contention among Amazon and Google that brought about YouTube being pulled from the Echo Show is obviously a main thrust behind a significant number of the choices in plain view at the present occasion. What’s more, plainly things are just going to warm up from here.