June 19, 2019
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We do a lot of transaction on a day to day life for shopping, transferring money to friends and for so many other reasons. But nowadays due to the increase in cybercrimes, it is very important to do online transactions more carefully and keep your personal information safe. Therefore to help you with your safety we are providing you the top ways which you can consider to keep your money safe online.

Check the app security

Ilan Tzorya
Ilan Tzorya

Do not forget to check the security protocols whenever you download any app related to the financial management or shopping because these applications often require your account details. There are so many cyber criminals like Ilan Tzorya and fraud companies out there who take advantage of the unawareness of the people and empty their bank accounts. Therefore if you want to keep yourself safe from such crimes then read the terms and conditions of the app properly which you are downloading and if you have any doubt regarding the safety issues then it’s better to look for other application.

Avoid doubtful sites

There are tons of online shopping websites on the internet and therefore you must check the authenticity of the website first before moving ahead. Do not trust a website which shows you several pop-ups because mostly those sites are not legitimate and check whether you are familiar with the payment options which are available on that particular website. If you have not gone through this aspect and still want to make a purchase then use a credit card instead of a debit card because credit card companies have high fraud protections. Whereas when you use a debit card and if a thief gains access to it by chance then he could steal all your savings.

Avoid clicking on hyperlinks in emails

Phishing is the most common trick which scammers use these days to cheat people. They send emails to the people and ask them to click on the hyperlinks or to open the attachments and then enter the confidential information like bank account details. You should always ignore these types of emails that make such requests. Also, remember that such emails usually look like it is sent from a legitimate source. So be clever and avoid doing such things.

Hence, with the increase in cybercrimes you also need to be extra careful with everything you do on the internet and by keeping the above suggestions in your mind you can absolutely assure your safety.

Cyber-Extortion- Essentials-You-Should-Know-About

Cyber blackmailing or extortion is an act of threatening someone in order to demand money or other precious things from a person. It is basically a malignant activity against a victim, such as blackmailers encrypt victim system and offer them to decrypt their intimate information once the demand will be met. Other kinds of cyber blackmail include the threat of exposing credentials or corporate data that have been stolen unlawfully from any organization.

Types of cyber extortion

Cyber extortion takes place when cyber criminals break corporate networks to exfiltrate their valuable data. Once they accomplish their goal of hijacking corporate data, they step forward to demand ransom from that particular organization. All these extortions are carried out by professional scammers like Ilan Tzroya who is a well-known corporate scammer.

In the context of ransom ware scams, the victim gets affected with the malware that makes the authorized user unable to access their device or the data stored in it. In order to get access to the device or stored data, the victim tends to fulfill the demand of hacker. A user might, unfortunately, download the malware by opening an infected mail or clicking on a link that pop-ups with attractive offers.

Now comes the database ransom attack, where hackers hijack databases of all those systems that are not fully chunked or have not reset any default administrative passwords. In order to reinstate the data, attackers demand specific amount and threaten victim for replacing the contents of the server that has been cracked.

Effects of Cyber extortion

Companies which experiences cyber extortion not only suffer a loss related to conscious corporate, they are bound to face serious damage for organization’s reputation, lose their established customers and ultimately their profit margin goes down. When the company’s profit diminishes, it would ultimately a downfall in the nation’s economy.

Since hijackers don’t let the customers access a specific website, customers get offended by trying again and again. As a result, they prefer shifting to other similar organization where they can get the services they have been looking for. Moreover, the hackers also apply treat of selling out victim’s corporate secrets and ideas to their rivals which often encourages the victim to fulfill their demands.


Cyber extortionists are promptly searching for various new possibilities to exploit and threaten victims.  Their target is basically those people who are able to fulfill the scammer’s demand without taking much time to arrange money or other valuables.


The Internet has become an irreplaceable part of our life. Because of the Internet technology, it became quite easier to exchange knowledge. While nowadays it can also be used to sell or purchase goods from the e-Market. But with all the benefits of the Internet, there are some issues as well. As there is not a shortage of people, those who use the Internet in a wrong way to financially cheat others also.

What is Cyber-extortion?

Many people receives threat messages on their emails, while they demand money for solving your problem. In most of the case, they only try to trick people and demand an extortion amount. Usually, scammers hack the system of the victim to track the data, which they use for extortion purpose. Most of the cyber scammers like Mr ilan tzorya use cryptocurrency for extortion purpose while it is not a legal currency, it will not be easier for the law to discipline such practices.

How do they get results?

Scammers/Extortionists try to make their threat realistic and harmful for the victim. They can say things like,” If you will not pay, I will ruin your life”. They use the personal data of the victim to blackmail them. While it is not necessary for them to have the real data, as they try just to pretend that they have the real data about the victim for blackmailing.

What you should do?

If you have ever faced such threats, then you need to calm down first. As the main purpose of the scammers was to not give enough time for thinking to the victim. But in the real case situation, it is not easy to hack the personal data someone’s personal device. In most of the case, scammer bluff about the things. In some case, a victim has nothing to lose as they do not have anything important or potentially bad which can ruin his life.

In such situations, a victim needs to think carefully and contact the cops to take action against the extortionist or criminal.

How to avoid being a victim?

You can also take some safety measure so that it will not impossible for the scammers to hack your personal data.

  • You should use a good antivirus program and use firewall protection when you are using the Internet.
  • Do not blindly open the links without reading the content.
  • When you are not using a webcam, you should close it with cover.
  • Do not save things which can be embarrassing in your computer.
  • You should delete the history after using your computer.

By following the certain ways, you can be able to protect yourself from the cyber-extortions.